Sá Nogueira Lisboa

PhD Candidate

Sá Nogueira Lisboa holds a B.Sc. in Forest Engineering and M.Sc. in Management and Conservation of Biodiversity from the Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU), Mozambique. In his B.Sc. thesis, he developed aboveground biomass allometric equation for Moist Forest in Central Mozambique. Modelling of spatial variability of soil organic carbon and soil total nitrogen in mopane woodland in south of Mozambique was covered in his Master thesis. At the moment he is an assistant lecturer under supervision of Prof. Dr. Almeida Sitoe, at EMU, Maputo.

Sá Nogueira has over 5 years of experience in forest management and ecosystem services, and he has been involved in several research projects in Mozambique. In the last three years he has been working as research assistant of ACES project.