New study on Deforestation and climate risk hotspots in the global cocoa value chain

Claudia led this study, with also Erasmus and Patrick, published here. Author link for sharing:

Climate risk will be substantially increased in Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, the two most important suppliers of cocoa, which may lead to supply failures and severe socio-economic impacts if left unaddressed. Large transnational traders depending heavily on West African supplies, as well as the regionally based exporting farmer cooperatives and domestic firms, will be affected by the increased climate risk in that region. Traders operating mainly in Latin America and Southeast Asia might only face a more modest increase in climate risk.

Cocoa-driven deforestation often co-occurs with deforestation driven by other agri-commodities, implying that sustainability commitments made by companies and other sector initiatives must consider these other drivers and stakeholders if they expect to be successful in reducing deforestation.

Patrick Meyfroidt
Patrick Meyfroidt
Professor of Land Systems and Sustainability Science

My research focuses on how land systems can contribute to sustainability.